Dos problemas y medio

Dos problemas y medio

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Resumen / Summary:

No hay nada que le guste más a Rubén que soñar despierto. Un día, mientras acaba dos problemas y medio que le han mandado en clase, empieza a escribir una historia de piratas en su cuaderno de matemáticas. Cuando los problemas desaparezcan misteriosamente, Rubén tendrá que recuperarlos para impedir que su maestra le ponga un cero tras otro.

There are few things that Ruben likes more than daydreaming. One day, while he’s supposed to be finishing some exercises his teacher has assigned him, he starts jotting down a pirate story in his math notebook. Incredibly—and mysteriously—the exercises that he was supposed to be working on disappear. Will he be able to recover them before his teacher gives him a failing grade? This humorous tale will delight kids as they learn about the importance of studying.

Autor / Author: Alfredo Gómez-Cerda

Tipo / Type: Ficción / Fiction

Encuadernación / Binding: Tapa Dura, 80 páginas / Hardcover, 80 pages

Dimensiones / Dimensions: 0.3" H x 8.3" L x 5.7" W pulgadas / inches

Edad / Age: 7-9 años / years

Temas / Themes: acción y aventura , ficción / action & adventure, fiction

Idioma / Language: Español / Spanish